Let’s Give This Another Go!

Good morning everyone! I am back! I’ve decided to take another stab at the blog world and see if I can actually make something of it…I spent a bit of time this morning reading through previous posts and expecting to be more embarrassed by what I read but was pleasantly surprised that it really wasn’t all that bad.

To start things off I’m going to do a fun “get to know me” quiz like I did in one of the first posts…mostly, it will get my brain focused on reflecting but also will be fun to compare 23 year old me and 26 year old me! I am taking the quiz I did but will likely change up a few of the questions as nobody needs to know what I ate or am wearing today…boring!

1)Five ways to win your heart:

  • Smile! And make me smile
  • Be kind
  • Adventures! Let’s go new places and try new things!
  • Real conversations…let’s discuss the world, cultures, aliens and anything else we can think of!
  • Be honest

2) Something you feel strongly about:

  • I had a hard time choosing what to write about this…I feel strongly about a lot of things…but let’s go with, getting out of your comfort zone!

3) A book you love:

  • Book of Negroes–Lawrence Hill is phenomenal!

4) How many countries have you visited?

  • 15: USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany & Costa Rica

5) Things you want to say to an ex:

  • I think that everything I have wanted to say has been said but just that I hope all is well for him (to any of them)

6) Your views on mainstream music:

  • I like it

7) Five Pet Peeves:

  • Rude people
  • Loud chewers
  • Slow walkers that don’t move out of the way
  • Ignorant people that spew BS out of their mouths when they don’t know what they’re talking about
  • People that lie about unnecessary things

8) Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

  • I wanted to be a “photographer of animals” and then a teacher

9) How important you think education is:

  • Very important but not necessarily like “you need a college degree” type of education. I think it’s important for people to educate themselves (or be properly educated) on things that interest them and that affects them…

10) Put your music player on shuffle and write the first three songs that play:

  • Shawn Mendes-There’s Nothing Holding Me Back
  • Kendrick Lamar-DNA
  • The Rolling Stones-Beast of Burden

11) Your Family:

  • I have a mom and a dad that are still married–they are very supportive and I love them to death. I have a sister who is 5 years older than I am and she has a boyfriend who has a son. have a brother (half if we are getting technical) who is married to a fantastic woman and they have beautiful twin girls. If I listed everyone important it would take ages but my family is my number 1 and my biggest support and I’d be lost without each and every one of them.

12) Have you ever cried because you were so happy?:

  • Numerous times…sometimes I just get overwhelmed with emotion and it comes out as tears hahaha

13) Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it:

  • I’m decently comfortable with it depending on the day. I definitely need to shed some pounds though!

14) Do you have any pets?:

  • I do! I have one cat that lives with me, she is wonderful and I adore her to bits! I also have a cat that lives with my parents (he is a little nuts and pretty old so it was better for him not to move with me) and I call my parents dog and other cat mine as well. So all in all 3 cats and a dog ūüôā

15) Your Zodiac and if you think it fits your personality:

  • Sagittarius; I don’t really follow astrology or anything too much but from things I have read, yes

16) Something you always think “what if..” about:

  • I overthink a lot of things so there are ALWAYS what if’s in my mind

17) Something you’re proud of:

  • I’ve come a long way in the past few years when it comes to growing up and learning more about myself and I am pretty proud of who I am

18) A problem you have had:

  • I’ve had some pretty big issues with self-confidence and my weight in the past and can be pretty sensitive about it

19) Five items you lust after:

  • Plane tickets
  • Money for traveling

That’s really about it, I don’t think I am very materialistic…

20) Your fears:

  • Depends how deep we want to go haha, I am always a little scared of not accomplishing my goals but I would say my biggest fear is coping with the loss of someone important to me…

21) How you hope your future will be like:

  • Happy and full of love

22) Your academics:

  • I have my Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

23) Something that you miss:

  • Carefree days of being young

24) Five words/phrases that make you laugh:

  • Tickled pink

I can’t think of others right now but there are a lot

25) Something you’re currently worrying about:

  • The plans that I have set in motion

26) Things you like and dislike about yourself:

  • I like my courage, my adaptability and my happiness and love
  • I dislike my sensitivity, my reactive personality and my laziness

27) A quote you try to live by:

  • There are a lot! We will go with two of my favourites “bend with the winds of change” and “everything we want lies on the other side of fear”

28) Somewhere you’d like to move to or visit:

  • I would like to visit a LOT of places. Next up? Back to Costa Rica!

29) Five weird things that you like:

  • Heated discussions (when I’m not feeling too sensitive haha)
  • Time by myself
  • Chicharones (Pork rinds)
  • The smell of gasoline
  • My family ūüôā

30) One thing you’re excited for:

  • September


This took a lot longer than I thought it would, but I hope to keep myself busy blogging here and catching up on some travel blogs from the past year…stay tuned!!

What’s next?

I am so inconsistent with this poor blog, but when there are things stuck in my head, it is the perfect place to air these thoughts, so hello again! It’s been 8 long months since my last post (I realized I wasn’t a fan of¬†the last entry¬†so it is now private) and have left off the blog somewhere in the midst of my dating experiences.

Well, I have had some successes, some failures and some in-betweeners. There have been many ups and downs and I have found myself in so many different situations and yet, always come out of them doing A-Okay! If I had to choose one thing to tell someone that I admire about myself…it is my ability to adapt. I can adapt to many situations and to my environment, I can adapt to the pitfalls and the peaks of what life has to offer me. I am continuously learning more and more about myself and I want this experience somewhere that I can come back to and remind myself that even at the low moments, I can pick myself back up, dust myself off and carry on.

I am a dreamer. I can sit and day-dream about what I can, may or want to do next weekend, next season, next year; I do this often, and many times it leads to something that I didn’t think I would do. For example, at the beginning of this blog…2 years ago I was in a rough spot in my life, I was stuck in a rut with my job and my ex and I couldn’t escape it sitting in my parents basement dwelling, so I began dreaming of leaving the country–because why not? I think many people dream of this; I know I have, many times…but this time, I need it. So within a couple of weeks, I made a plan and I followed through. When things there weren’t working out, I asked myself the question that I find I am constantly asking myself…the question that normally leads to 1000 crazy thoughts, and sometimes the odd answer pops out and I think “Hey, I can do this! I want this!”; the question that has stopped me from sinking any lower than I’ll allow… “What’s next?”

My “What next?” question has lead me some pretty awesome places and to do some pretty neat things. It lead me around Europe for a few months, it lead me to an online course to keep my brain active and learning, it lead me to meet new people in a bowling league and perhaps next it will lead me to many kayaking adventures. I have done so many things that I never thought I could possibly do alone, I have branched out, stepped out of my comfort zone, and I’ve surprised so many people along the way. The girl that was once a pushover can now tell someone they’ve hurt me and can cut ties when necessary. I’ve taken responsibility for actions and words, I’ve admitted faults and I’ve learned to accept that sometimes you just need to let things and people go.

I am at my next “what next?” crossroads. I am nearly done my online course, summer is coming and I have a lot of things to consider. The road I am on right now has so many different forks that lead different places and to different things, but I know now to trust myself when I know the answer is in front of me, it is only a matter of time


Let’s Play Catch-up!

Hello again blog world!

My absences are getting a bit ridiculous so we will play a little bit of catch up! There really is not a WHOLE lot going on so here goes!!

Last we left off, I had gone back to temping and was still on the hunt for a job! Well, I was called back to the first place that I temped at and the day before I was due back, their receptionist quit and guess who was offered the full time job!? That’s right, yours truly! I enjoyed it–good people, good boss and enough to do to keep my from going crazy! Then in March we have a last minute staff meeting–the company is selling in a month….happy happy joy joy (sarcasm)…back to the job hunt! And for those of you who don’t know–the job is in an oil and gas company–an industry not doing so well at the moment here in Calgary so the job market will be a bit of a struggle. However, I have been SO spoiled with timing…and just as the company is about to close and leave me jobless–the company buying mine offers me a job! So here I am! I really enjoy the atmosphere here, tons of joking and very friendly people, the job itself is quiet and I often don’t have a ton to do and my reception area is horrible….I am closed into a poorly-lit box with no windows to the outside world…but I do enjoy my job besides the lack of light/air! So all in all, I am happy that I have a job with people I enjoy working with. Thank you Lady Luck!

My previous blogs were also about dating! Well…I am still single, but I am enjoying it. The boy I had been on a couple dates with in the last blog, that didn’t work out in a relationship sense, but he is now one of my closest friends–The Irishman! We go on all sorts of random adventures together (next up: Jasper!). I have learned that one way to really learn to love (or hate) where you live and the area is to show foreigners around. People that have never seen a city skyline at night, or a downtown like Calgary or area like Kensington or anything like the Rocky Mountains and Banff before……take them and watch their expressions and listen to them talk about it and tell others about it–you are bound to fall in love with it all over again..although I don’t think I have ever not loved the mountains but I can now bask in their glory¬†openly as if its my first time¬†seeing them again.

I am still doing the online dating thing and have talked to¬†many people¬†and have gone¬†on some more dates–still nothing with any potential but I am¬†in no rush!!

As¬†I said, not really a ton going on¬†right now–just prepping¬†for the summer and trying to get some adventuring in! Hopefully with a job quiet like this one I will be able to get some blogging in!

See you soon blogging world!!

The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done

I’ve said it over and over again and it still doesn’t drive the point home–going to Europe was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I know I have mentioned some of the reasons throughout my posts but this one will be one large and lovely summary!

If you know me, you will know that before I left, I was stuck in a rut–same job, same house, same people, same issue of going back to the same guy over and over; I needed a change and I needed it badly.

Going to Europe took some adjustment–I was living in a tiny little village in England with a rich family with misbehaved children and had nobody around me that I knew. Everything that I knew about myself and my behavior was about to change…besides packing up and leaving, the next craziest thing that I did was join a Facebook group for other Au Pair’s in the area and plan to meet up with a couple of them–and ACTUALLY follow through! In fact–I met one of them in the parking lot of a Tesco, hopped in her car and went to a pub for some dinner; it turns out this was one of the best things I could have done as she and I became good friends and she is absolutely fantastic!

I lasted with that family for just over 6 weeks and in that time I met many wonderful people and had a great time with them, but things with the family just weren’t working so I needed to move on–yet again another fantastic decision and one of the best things for myself.

This is the point that I began traveling and where the real experiences came about. I learned that I can step out of my comfort zone and throw myself into new situations in new countries and meet incredible people. I learned just how important my family and friends are to me and in this learned how close I am with my family and that not everybody understands that. I came to so many realizations along the way which all helped create the most incredible experience. I lived for the moment, I drank too much, slept not enough and just thoroughly enjoyed everything as it was happening.

So what made it the best thing I have ever done? I¬†came back completely refreshed and renewed and in some ways, a brand new person. Not even a month before I came home, I came to a realization that some people in my life just were not necessary and that I would in fact, be much better off without them there; it took one hell of a trip, a few months, a friendly wake-up call and some reminiscing but it finally happened–I moved up and on to bigger and better things. I came back and am no longer a cold and stand-offish person, I am continuously telling my friends and family that I love them and am finding myself much more affectionate than I ever was before. Not only am I loving, but I am open and honest and happy. I feel cleansed. Renewed. Genuinely satisfied. I’m still me, but a much happier and loving me just waiting for the next adventure that may just be a relatively ordinary day!

That one post that is 2 months late…

Hello again! I know I fell off the earth but I assure you, all is well! My travels are over and I didn’t update anything since Scotland, dear old Scotland–so let’s see if I can remember most of my journey!

While in Scotland I met a fantastic girl, Marcella, from Brazil. We hit it off instantly so when she asked if I wanted to join her on her way to Paris I jumped at the chance. I headed back to England where I had been staying, organized my backpack for the unknown length of time that I would be traveling and started searching transportation and accommodation for Paris. Marcella met me in England the next day where we proceeded to book a bus from Manchester to Paris and found a flat to rent through a friend of a friend–a fantastic deal and even better decision! I don’t remember how long exactly the bus took, Manchester to Birmingham, a 2 hour wait, Birmingham to London and then London to Paris–thankfully we made a friend on the last bus, Mat from Manchester. The bus stopped for a break somewhere in France and Marcella and I pulled out the bottle of wine I had stashed in my purse and we drank with Mat and 2 guys from Edmonton (Oh Canada!) and invited them over to our flat once everybody was settled where they needed to go.

When we arrived in Paris it was very hot, we got in a taxi and made our way to our flat where we met Alex, the friend of a friend. He showed us the area and took us for a drink then left us back at the flat–we picked up some food and more importantly booze, and waited for our friends to show up–we drank a lot and much of the night is a blur (which turned out to be the theme in Paris). The next day, Mat met us with his ukulele and we went down to a lovely grassed/treed area with a picnic consisting of a baguette, cheese, deli meats, wine, beer and crab dip, we sat in the grass listening to Mat play and sing while staring at the Eiffel Tower behind us, it was surreal. The day had been very hot so we played in a fountain to cool down and waited for dark to come so we could watch the tower light up. We watched a show in the square and talked and finally after watching the light show and getting very sentimental we had a lovely dinner and headed back to the flat. At some point, I grabbed a bottle of wine and went for a walk down the street and began talking to two random gentlemen from Paris, we made friends and they joined us for a few beers before heading back home. The next day it was far too hot so we barely left the flat, then we met up with our friend we had met in Edinburgh and his friend whose flat we were renting. In Paris, Thursday and Friday nights by the Seine are an extremely common drinking ground¬†so this was our territory for the night. We drank, played card games and met random people, when our friends left we continued to wander along the Seine, stopping to play games in the middle of a path with a group of randoms, getting yelled at for petting a security dog (hey, how was I supposed to know?!) and meeting two artists with a castle of an apartment. Most of Saturday was spent hungover and we decided that after we met her aunt for dinner, we would go back to the flat and rest and watch movies as we needed a break from boozing…of course this never happened. Our dinner was good, I ate escargot, frogs legs and duck and was very proud of myself for doing so. We went to the Seine to see if it would be any fun but it was very quiet so back to our flat we went–however while walking the last block with a case of beer, two guys began talking to us–needless to say we ended up at a random French girl’s house party which was FAR too hot, then went to a strip club with horrible strippers–the boys went to a club and we went back home. The next day was spent at home planning our next step–Barcelona. We booked a train and hostel and spent the rest of the day hiding from the heat of the day. On our last day, we essentially ran through the Louvre to see some of the main works, go to the train station and rested on the train to Barcelona–we arrived late so we didn’t do anything that evening.

Barcelona was yet another drunken adventure! We met many fantastic people, stayed far longer than planned, spent time on the beach, I spent a day on city bus tours, saw some clubs, drank on the beach, went swimming, played drinking games, ate Paella and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We also met another Canadian; Jeremy, Marcella and Jeremy hit it off quite well and decided to head to Brussels. Brussels hadn’t really enticed me so I stayed one more day to go on a kayak and snorkel tour then headed to Prague on my own.

A little more about the Kayak and Snorkel tour–I went with Excursions Barcelona, a small company run by 2 gentlemen that are absolutely fantastic–the tour kept getting postponed due to the weather–it was warm but too windy to be safe on the kayaks, they continually kept in touch trying to ensure that I was able to make it to the tour. In the morning, the group meets at a bar in Barcelona and takes a bus to Costa Brava where you are given the snorkel equipment and the kayak–you can go double or individual; being alone I course went in the individual kayak–we received a quick instruction, sat in the kayak and sent into the Mediterranean sea to follow our guide. This was huge for me–I was alone, doing something I had never done before with a group of strangers, on our way to snorkel, something that I had never really enjoyed…I ended up loving the entire thing–I have a new found love for kayaking (at least on the sea–don’t think I could do a river, but who knows!) and was able to relax while snorkeling and truly enjoyed myself; I also got to hold a sea urchin and a starfish. This was one of the biggest highlights from my entire trip.

The next morning, sore arms and tired eyes, I hopped on a plane to Prague–a beautiful city! My hostel was decent and I met a lovely group of British folks that invited me for lunch with them where I had goulash in a bread bowl–tasty! After lunch I spent most of my time in the hostel and met a few others that were staying there. The next day I took the 3 hour walking tour led by a guy around my age–it was fantastic, the Czech’s are very proud of their heritage and of their country, I learned a lot about Prague and took in so much of the beautiful city. Most of my evenings were spent in the hostel drinking with other travelers from all over, I did go out to a club one night and had fun but found myself enjoying the hostel atmosphere better than the clubs. The day I was leaving I went to one of the Jewish Synagogues, the Pinka Synagogue which has all of the names of the Bohemian Jews ¬†who died in the Holocaust, it gave me chills and was very surreal.

I bussed from Prague to Amsterdam where I would meet Marcella and Jeremy again. Once they arrived we went for lunch and then wandered around a bit until we could find a cafe we liked–Hill Street Blues I believe was its name. We tried the banana bread and took in all there was to enjoy of Amsterdam. We spent a couple of days hanging around Amsterdam before we went to Den Haag, a city an hour away from Amsterdam–I really liked it there as there was a beach and it was much quieter than Amsterdam. We didn’t do much there, just walked around and sat on the beach. It was at this point that I realized I was ready to head home, I missed my family and was getting exhausted, so my mom booked my flight home (which I kept very quiet), I booked my flight from Amsterdam to Manchester and started preparing myself for goodbyes. Leaving Den Haag was difficult–I had to say goodbye to Marcella, my partner in crime for a month, I’d be lying if I said there were no tears shed. I hopped on the train to Amsterdam, spent 2 hours in line at the Anne Frank house (which–by the way, I loved), went back to my hostel to sleep and prepare to say goodbye to main-land Europe.

I apologize profusely as this is so delayed and there is not a lot of detail but some I can’t share, some sounds boring and repetitive to those that didn’t experience it and some things just can’t be put into words.

This journey was the most incredible thing I have ever done for so many reasons, and there is still so much to share, but I will leave this post as is and will share more later on.


20140711_11080720140711_10365820140710_16340520140711_110807I never really planned on going to Scotland..it isn’t that I never wanted to go, I just really did not expect to find myself there but I am discovering that this is the funnest (is that a word???) way to travel. Spontaneously. Anyways, I booked a train to Edinburgh, booked a hostel and a few days later, off I went! July 9: It was supposed to be a very simple train ride, no changes, 3 hours straight up to the station and a 10 minute walk to my hostel. I should have arrived around 6:30pm but of course, things don’t always go as planned…Instead, I had to change trains where many people crammed in and stand for a few stops until we got to a place called Carlisle, then we had to get off and wait for further instruction–an hour later we were told to catch a train to Newcastle, switch trains again and then we would reach Edinburgh…so after multiple train switches, hauling my bag around and being rushed around all over the place I finally made it to Edinburgh about 4 hours late–by this time I was exhausted so I had a beer and went to bed. July 10: I woke up and showered and joined the Kickass Hostel’s walking tour; if you ever stay in hostels I highly recommend doing this as you get to know people and you see some of the main attractions and then you can decide what you want to see! So, we walked around for two hours, saw the Scot Monument, Greyfriar’s Bobby and kirkyard, and many other sights while talking to some of the people on the tour and the Canadian tour guide that had been there for a few months. It ended up being a really warm day so after the walk I went back to the hostel to change into some shorts and then I headed up to Edinburgh castle–it is expensive but I hadn’t really seen a castle and decided to splurge and get the audio guide as well so I could actually learn a little bit about it. It was pretty interesting, incredible views of the city from the top. After the castle I grabbed an ice cream (right after some guy was being really rude to the ice cream guy and called him a racist because he asked him to please hurry as there was a line up…classic), I then wandered back down the hill and walked around a very small portion of the city and proceeded to head back to the hostel. I went into the room to start filling in my journal and met Marcella. We started talking and went up to the hostel bar for a couple of beers then went and booked a ghost tour for the evening. We joined the City of the Dead Double Dead tour that takes you into the vaults under the main part of Edinburgh and then takes you into the Covenant’s Prison which apparently has a very high level of poltergeist activity. Marcella and I were smart and bought a bottle of wine that we drank throughout the tour–it was a good tour, scary stories and definitely eery feeling, nothing happened to either of us ghost-wise. We went to a bar afterwards but it was really quiet so we went to a club around the corner, it was a blast! Did not get a lot of sleep that night. July 11: I went on the Lochness, Glencoe and Highland Tour with Timberbrush Tours. I was *just* on time for the bus but I made it! The tour covers a massive chunk of Scotland and is about 12.5 hours long but it was incredible. I definitely fell asleep through some parts of it but I think most people did. Our tour guide was great, he talked a lot, telling a lot of the history of the areas and Scotland–he was full of information, which lack (loch) we were driving by, how big it was and how deep it was, how to pronounce this sign and that and why it was called that–very informative which was really nice. I cannot put into words the beauty of the highlands and of Glencoe…It is very rare that I feel close to tears over something but the beauty is just overwhelming and indescribable. The drive was incredible and I am so thankful that I did it. Once we got to Loch Ness I went on the hour-long cruise just to say I had been on a boat (now Ive traveled by place, train, automobile and boat!) and just relaxed while some people hoped to spot Nessie–no luck! After the beautiful tour, I went back to the hostel where I ran into Marcela again–she had met some more people at the hostel so we went up to the hostel bar for some drinks and then to go on the pub crawl. A decent-sized group of us were drinking together and followed the pub crawl to the 3rd bar only to get the free shots (a Bloody Mary–SO close to a caesar so I was very happy when nobody wanted theirs and I got 3 instead of 1–signs it is going to be a good night!); the girl doing the pub crawl was not very good so the group of us went to another bar that someone had heard was really good, Banshee’s. I’m slightly claustrophobic so it was not the best bar for me to be in, it reminded me of being in caverns–I had a lot of fun though! Once the bar started shutting we left and went back to the hostel–the kitchen and the bar were locked and we didn’t want to wake people up being in the hallway so a few of us crammed into the laundry room and continued drinking, I have no idea what time we went to bed, but it was fantastic. July 12: I ended up sleeping much later than I planned but woke up and showered then went up to the bar to fill in my journal since I hadn’t really written anything in it since my arrival (oops). I didn’t get very far since I ran into a few friends and started talking to them. There were also two other guys in the bar that were drinking so I got talking to them as well. Needless to say, I didn’t leave the hostel bar for hours as the group of people got larger and larger. We were a huge mixed bag of people–for example; Brazilian, Brazilian living in Canada, Chicago, Alabama, York, French, Swiss, Vietnamese/Australian, and many many more. I had a blast talking to everybody and eventually (midnight) a bunch of us went out to a bar and danced the night away, yet again. I left on July 13 and met a few guys from a Stag-do on the train–they kept me laughing for the hour that they were on the train, fantastic conversations and hilarious antics. In essence, I didn’t really do much in Edinburgh, but I had an AMAZING time, I met so many wonderful people and a lot of doors opened…Originally I was planning to go home at the end of this month and now I am planning something completely different (more to come on that later) What I have learned on my journeys is that if you plan to travel, don’t limit yourself too much. I mean this in every sense. I have done 2 tours from 2 different cities and while they are a bit pricey, it gave me more of a taste of where I was traveling. You can’t judge Scotland just by being in Edinburgh, one city cannot possibly define one place. Some people just see one city and don’t go see the highlands or the countryside of other countries. I understand the need to budget but some things are worth the splurge.


Before I fill the blogworld in on my latest adventure, I figured I would throw together a few day-trips that I have done to create an entry that isn’t insanely short!

So, I have a lot of family in England, some near Manchester and some in somewhere called Scunthorpe; I have been staying with family near Manchester and decided to take a few days and go over to Scunthorpe to visit my Great Aunt. It was a fantastic visit and she took me to see a number of wonderful things.

On June 18 we went on a drive, our first stop was Bempton Cliffs. This is a sanctuary for seabirds, a beautiful area of high cliffs covered in different kinds of birds. I finally saw my very first puffin and I was kind of disappointed–I thought they were bigger! They are really little, still very cute but I was expecting them to be more penguin-like. It was a nice walk along the windy cliff edge, smelly because of the birds and fish but very nice if you ignored that part. Next we just drove around some small towns, I love English towns, they are quaint and I just really enjoy them. We stopped at a farm/cottage/tea rooms on the outskirts of a town and I was in love. It was an old farmhouse turned into a little tea room where I had cream tea (tea and a scone with clotted cream–I know, clotted cream sounds disgusting but it is not what you would imagine it is–I LOVE cream tea) and we bought freshly picked (not pickled as I thought the sign had said..oops) strawberries.
Our next stop was Beverley, a beautiful market town with a beautiful minster. We went for a drink in the White Hose Inn which is an old pub from around the 1600’s. The best part about it is that they still use gaslights to light the rooms and still has the rickety floors and small rooms. I loved Beverley.

A few days later we went on another mini road trip which began at Thornton Abbey and Gatehouse. The Gatehouse is still standing fully while the abbey is just a ruin now. The Gatehouse was large and beautiful; it is the largest monastic gatehouse in Britain and was built 1377-82. Our next stop was perfect for us; my great aunt is crazy about animals and horses, when she was young she used to spend all of her time at the stables nearby–she adores them, and so do I so she took me to Bransby Home for Horses. The place is home to over 300 horses and ponies that have been rescued from all kinds of situations and are given a new life on this beautiful sanctuary. Some horses are loaned out, some are used as companion horses and some just get to live a wonderful, happy and healthy life in a very large paddock with many other horse and pony friends. I was absolutely blown away by the size and cleanliness of it. We spent quite a few hours wandering around petting the horses and ponies and both loved it. Our last stop was at Kirtin Mill, they grind their own flour there and bake with it just inside, the smell of all of the fresh bread was amazing, we had a piece of cake and cup of tea beside the mill and went home.
I enjoyed my time with them, spent a lot of time visiting at the house, a wonderful trip.

July 5 my great uncle took me to a place in Warrington called Walton Gardens and we spent the afternoon wandering the hall and gardens, it was beautiful. I have found that in England people love to spend time in the parks with each other and it makes me really sad that it isn’t as popular in Canada. Here you can walk by the park and find couples laying in the grass or a group of teenagers talking in the park or playing football(soccer) and families enjoying ice cream together. It is wonderful and I want to bring this mentality back home.

On the 7th of July my great aunt and uncle took me to Chester for the day. We went into the cathedral which was massive and beautiful. I lit a candle and left a note for my late “grandpa” to be prayed for. We walked along the old Roman walls and took in the city and had fish and chips and some ice cream. It was a nice day out and a beautiful city to see.

That about covers the few day trips I have done, besides this when I am not traveling I have been relaxing, doing laundry, visiting with family or being lazy!